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Space Available

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A collection of 11 original spiritual songs by the multi-talented Brown family; Gabriel, Nathanael, Naomi & Zanna, plus their parents, Ray and Susie. "We are just 4 kids and 2 parents trying to enjoy this incredible life by giving back to the Creator through music and art. Come be a part of our family!"

The signed version comes with Nathanael, Gabriel, Zanna, Naomi, Susie and Ray Brown's signatures.


  1. Higher
  2. Brand New
  3. He Wants Me
  4. Unknown
  5. Take Me
  6. Offering
  7. Fleeting
  8. Friend To Me
  9. You Proved Me Wrong
  10. Space Available
  11. Not The Same
  12. Bonus: Higher (Worship Version)

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