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For digital downloads & karaoke track, click HERE!

Getting Stronger is the first full collection of original songs released by the dynamic duo, Michelle Creber and Gabriel Brown (aka Black Gryph0n)! The album showcases the duo's incredible vocal abilities and song-writing talents accompanied by the awesome pop/EDM arrangements of Nathanael Brown (aka Baasik).

The signed version comes with Michelle Creber, Gabriel and Nathanael Brown's signatures.

Want to sing your favorite songs from this album? Get the karaoke version HERE!

Want to learn how to play these songs on piano? Get the sheet music HERE!


  1. Getting Stronger (feat. Baasik)
  2. Here We Are
  3. Play
  4. A Bad Idea
  5. Fighting Back
  6. Nervous
  7. So Far Away
  8. Say
  9. Bound To Break
  10. Ice
  11. Equality
  12. Getting Stronger Remix (feat. Baasik)
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