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 All you have to do is submit photos and/or videos of YOU demonstrating ANY item from the CreberBrown store! (Contest is open to participants anywhere in the world.)

May the best photos/videos win! 


  • Winning photos and videos will be put up on and featured in our newsletter! 
  • If any of your photo or video submissions are chosen, you will also receive a digital download of any album (your choice) available on!
  • GRAND PRIZE! After a few months of accepting submissions, the Creber & Brown families will vote on their favorite contribution and award a $100 gift certificate, redeemable at

General guidelines

  • Pick ONE item that you want to work with.
  • Create a video for that specific item and/or take some photographs.
  • There is NO limit to how many times you can submit! Feel free to submit for several different items or you can even submit multiple times for the same item if you have more than one idea.
  • If you have multiple winning submissions, you will receive multiple postings, newsletter features and downloads. (e g. If we choose your photos for the “Getting Stronger” t-shirt AND your video demonstrating the “All You Gotta Do Is Play” beach ball AND your photo/video combo showing the “At Home” CD, you would get three album downloads of your choice.)
  • Submissions cannot include any logos, props or images that are copy-written (outside of those owned by CreberBrown). 

Photo guidelines

  • Think of these as photos you might see in a catalogue - they could be just the items and/or show people holding/wearing the items.
  • Photos should be high resolution, well-focused and with good lighting. 
  • Submit a collection of 3 to 5 different photos per item. 

Video guidelines

  • Think of this as a commercial you might see on TV - can include people and/or just be the item.
  • Maximum length of one minute.
  • Minimum quality of 720p

Submission guidelines

Entries to be submitted via email to
using any of the following methods:

  • attachments
  • link to unlisted YouTube video
  • link to Dropbox
  • link to (send up to 2GB free at a time, no account needed)

Please make the subject of your email "Photo/Video Contest - name of product" (e.g. Photo/Video Contest - Getting Stronger t-shirt) 
and include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Your name exactly as you would like it to appear on the winners list & credits
  3. Which product is this entry featuring? (Remember: only feature one product per entry)
  4. Email
  5. Phone number or Skype name
  6. Country you are located in (please include state or province for North American participants) 
  7. Twitter handle (if you use Twitter)

If you are entering for multiple products, please send each entry separately. 


Any questions? Please send email to or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.



Michelle’s 12 days of… 

Creber Christmas Cookie Contest

Click HERE to enter


Dec 1: George C (Ohio, USA)
Dec 2: Armored Y (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Dec 3: Yeni B (Western Australia, Australia)
Dec 4: Bryan K (Michigan, USA)
Dec 5: Josef R (Hesse, Germany)
Dec 6:  Mark H (England, UK)
Dec 7: Silvia S (Ontario, Canada)
Dec 8: Tymon (Michigan, USA)
Dec 9: Jason S (Maryland, USA)
Dec 10: Christopher G (Ohio, USA)
Dec 11: Thomas J (Wisconsin, USA)
Dec 12: Ethan T (Russia)
Dec 13: GRAND PRIZE WINNER! James P (Alberta, Canada)












(Yes, I have often shipped cookies overseas and haven't had any issues!)


The contest will run the first 12 days of December (Dec 1 - 12, 2016)

The GRAND PRIZE includes 5 things…
• 100 Christmas Cookies (homemade & hand-decorated by Michelle)
• One-hour Coaching/Consultation session (with Michelle)
• A Creber Christmas CD (signed copy)
• Limited-edition CreberBrown 2016 Christmas ornament (signed)
• Christmas card (homemade by me)

PLUS 12 daily prizes of… a digital download of A Creber Christmas 
Daily Prize winners announced each day from Dec 1 to 12 
Grand Prize winner will be announced on Dec 13