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Autograph Add On

  • $15.00

We love to sign purchases for our fantastic supporters, but it isn't always easy since our warehouse is in one place and our people are scattered across the U.S. and Canada. After lots of requests and consideration, we have decided to add this Autograph Add-on. Please note that most of the cost for autographs is for shipping and handling of the purchased item to various locations. Read the entire description for details,  instructions and terms!

  • Select the autographs you want from the drop-down menu above and add the autographs you want to your shopping cart. You will notice that different combinations of signatures have different prices. This is due to the amount of times an item will need to be shipped to various locations to obtain the desired signatures. Most of the time this includes international shipping as the Creber family lives in Canada, and the Brown family lives in different locations in the U.S.
  • If you want something addressed to you personally or with a special message (i.e. Happy Birthday) just leave us a note in the "Special instructions for seller" box at checkout.
  • If you select "Creber Family" you will get the signatures of Michelle, Monique and Michael Creber. "Brown Family" will include the signatures of Gabriel (BlackGryph0n), Zanna, Susie and Ray Brown (Nathanael (Baasik) will not be included-see note below) If you specifically want the signature of our resident artist, Naomi Brown, you can request it with a "Brown Family" selection. Naomi's signature is not automatically included due to her busy travel schedule.  
  • You will note that an autograph from Nathanael Brown (Baasik) is not available at this time due to his location and very busy schedule. If you would like his signature, please check out the Getting Stronger CD or IMmortal CD in our store. You can also obtain his signature at any personal appearance.
  • Shipping will take longer if you request autographs from individuals in different locations. The delay can be two weeks or more.  We cannot guarantee the amount of time an autographed item will take to reach you but will email you if we expect unusual delays of more than two weeks.


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