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Coaching & Consulting

  • $60.00

Singing * Acting * Voiceover * Piano
Arranging * Songwriting
Audition Coaching * Project Advice * Career Consulting

Michelle Creber  |  Gabriel Brown  |  Monique Creber  |  Michael Creber

Coaching/consulting sessions are one hour long. Once you have purchased a session, please email and provide the following information:

  • Your name, age & location
  • What kind of lesson, coaching or consulting you want / goals for the session
  • Any previous experience or training (all levels welcome from beginner to pro)

OR, if you need advice on which teacher would be best-suited to help you achieve your goals, please send an email to ask for guidance before you purchase a session. (Be sure to include the information as outlined in green above.) 

For more information on the experience of each teacher, click HERE.

If a one hour session does not suit you, please contact us at to request a different length.

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